If you desire, we will use the latest tools in genetics and energy medicine to offer empirical evidence of the shifts that you will experience. Our team have expertise in epigenetics, gut microflora, gas discharge visualization and thermographic imaging to provide a ‘before and after’ snapshot of your journey to optimal wellness. Your every need will be met in an experience that is custom designed for your personal data.


Your body temple will experience the infinite power of our deep daily nurturing.  Our every action will be directed towards ensuring that your every need is surpassed. We will provide you with our delicious, nutritious Ayurvedic food and mindful body movement both in your personal on site Yoga studio and out in the beautiful nature which surrounds our home.  Add in some meditative stillness and your whole body will be left feeling cared for on every possible level.



Our door is cracked open, waiting for your arrival. Each synchronistic event from this moment forward, guides you here for a complete cellular transformation.  A profound sense of love and self-compassion ripples out into your life and the world.  During your time with us, you communion with the healthy, whole, loving, balanced, knowing you. The vibration of connection to your highest self has begun.  You are one with your essence.


Reboot, Restore & Rejuvenate