Meditation is the most natural way to create more of what matters most to you in life. This two-part meditation immersion allows you to establish, or deepen, a meditation practice which will lead to a more meaningful, satisfying, and joyful life.

Authentic Meditation Methodology

Rooted in the wisdom of ancient Vedic tradition, Primordial Sound Meditation is an authentic methodology that was revitalized by Deepak Chopra. According to tradition, as you journey from activity to silence you open new possibilities for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Evidence Based Benefits

This style of meditation is easy to learn, yet it offers profound benefits. Thousands of research studies have scientifically proven that meditation is an effective way to:

  • Release stress
  • Get more restful sleep
  • Improve brain development
  • Enhance emotional well-being
  • Improve health
  • Experience greater self-confidence
  • Increase creativity
  • Enjoy more meaningful relationships

Anyone Can Meditate

Discover how absolutely effortless and pleasant meditation really is. It can be learned by anyone and the benefits have been verified by published research studies. During this two-day program we will explore the scientific research supporting the effectiveness of meditation. You will receive expert guidance on the practical aspects of meditation – including how to sit, when to meditate, how long to meditate, how to overcome obstacles and other experiences during meditation.

Personal Guidance

You will participate in a very special one-to-one personal instruction ceremony, in which you will be given a personal mantra based on the exact time, date, and location of your birth. This mantra is the sound that the universe was making the moment you were born. Primordial Sound Meditation tradition says that your personal mantra is the vehicle that will take you from activity to inner silence where pure love, unbounded bliss, and infinite possibilities exist.

Transform Your Life

Whether it is your first time trying meditation, or if you have a regular practice, you will create a new experience around meditation that will transform your everyday life. Join us and learn how to receive the full physical and emotional benefits of meditation. This powerful program will help you dissolve accumulated stress, reveal the stillness within, and renew your passion for life.

PRICE: $350



Julie Hunt is a Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor passionately devoted to helping people live healthier and happier stress free lives, using the tools of meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. She has inspired thousands of people as a teacher, coach, entrepreneur, and author of Shout from the Rooftops in Your Stilletos.

Julie has been a Mantra Meditation Instructor at several live Chopra Center events and host of The Chopra Center’s world premier Primordial Sound Mediation Online Course. She has served on The Chopra Center’s leadership team as Senior Manager of Digital Products where she created premium online programs featuring Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Martha Beck, Dr. Andrew Weil, and others. Her work incorporates meditation and mindfulness techniques, holistic health, energy healing, personal growth and mind-body practices.